Deco Orange

deco-orange1I haven’t drawn figures for some time and when the opportunity arose to include some hands in two of my drawings I had to experiment to find the right colours. Working on coloured pastel board has its limitations as colours behave differently on different coloured surfaces. I finally found that Deco Orange was the perfect skin tone base but alas, Prismacolor don’t make them any more! This is not fair! I have sent requests to two suppliers but have yet to receive a reply. If you have any Berol Prismacolour Deco Orange (colour 1010) pencils or know of anyone who has, please let me know. The pencil pictured is the only one I have left! Fortunately, I had enough to lay the base down for my current drawing, featuring Val’s (my wife) hands. It looks as though I shall have to find a new skin tone colour combination for future figure work.


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