Water, water everywhere









Water is one of my favourite themes and appeared in my work on several occasions during the year. The photo on the left is of one of a series of drawings that featured the Liffey Valley, while the example on the right is of a Spring flood on the North Esk River. I particularly enjoy drawing moving, tumbling, surging water. There is a lot of energy in this this subject matter. Rock pools are also favourites of mine. Here there is stillness, calm and serenity, as shown in the third example of a backwater at the Cataract Gorge, Launceston. There’s nothing like contrast in one’s work!



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1 Response to Water, water everywhere

  1. Chelsea says:

    ok, so this backwater at the Cataract Gorge would have to be my all time favourite drawing of yours that I have seen on your blog. Would love to see it for real one day. But you are right, there is something very serene and calming about it.. I think it’s the layers too that got me. I love it that there is this deepness to it that’s different to your rock drawings. I think one connects with art that means something to them and has a similarity to their art in some way… For instance my photography even though it looks nothing like your drawings has layers of textures and I guess thats why I connect with this drawing. I would love to see some rock drawings with water over the top too!!! But I am constantly amazed at all the drawings you are getting out. Whenever I see a pile of rocks now I see Mr K!!!! Ok, enough Bun talk!!!

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