Review: Chess Boards


During my time with my “log” theme this year, I introduced a chess board  into several drawings.  Above, “Surreal Landscape” below, ‘Remembering Trees”. My late father was a brilliant chess player and I never saw him beaten in a game. I on the other hand, never learnt the game although I appreciate the strategic thinking it demands. I have used similar game boards several years ago in paintings. The symmetrical nature of the board, skill, luck and chance are closely interwoven in a series of symbolic works aided by my interest in logs. These works are a commentary on the secular world and the influence or effect of Christianity.


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1 Response to Review: Chess Boards

  1. clickingthoughts says:

    i saw almost all of your pictures and i am still unable to
    figure out how u make them. I mean your imagination is
    perfect and enviable 😉 . But what are the methods you use to draw them ?

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