My 100th Blog Entry!

crucifixion-update-02I’ve never scored a century in cricket but I’m happy to bring up a century of blog postings. I started this blog on October 2, last year and have been amazed at the fact I have already had over 5,000 hits. I started with the intention of two or three entries per week but I’m quite obsessed with blogging and now I’m making daily entries. It’s quite addictive!

Today’s photo is an update of the Crucifixion banner I am working on. I have turned it around so you can see what has happened so far. I still have a lot of detail to add. In the bottom area there will be 30 silver coins, two dice, a silver chalice with a design on it (The Lamb of God) and some symbols. There will be a trail of blood leading into the chalice. The crosses are painted in burnt umber, while the shadows are a combination of burnt umber and burnt sienna.


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2 Responses to My 100th Blog Entry!

  1. Chelsea says:

    Congrats on your 100 Mr K. I really enjoy your daily posts… great inspiration for me!

  2. Val says:

    Congratulations to you my darling on reaching 100. I’m always proud of your achievements. xxx

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