No pane, but some gain.

frame-03One of my chosen photos from my recent visit to Cheshunt, is an interesting view of the local landscape minus the  glass that once existed. I love the two-dimensional feel for the frame. I intend to make the colours subdued in the foreground and quite warm and “inviting” in the middle distance with a softening in the background. This is a good example of close – near – and far that artists should follow in such a composition. I’m sure a professional photographer such as Chelsea Parsons ( would do a far better job of this scene than I did with my Canon 350D SLR Digital, but all I wanted was a record for a coloured pencil interpretation.

My Crucifixion banner has progressed a little since yesterday with silver coins and blood-stained rocks being added. I am working on the chalice today.

We are in the middle of a hot spell here, it was 36.9c yesterday and 35c is forecast for today. I am painting in the garage where it is a lot cooler. Benson my dog, is upstairs enjoying our airconditioning. Smart hound!


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2 Responses to No pane, but some gain.

  1. Chelsea says:

    that’s a nice plug for me! Thanks Mr K! But I think you did a great job! Im liking all these old shots. If it were me taking photos of those old shots, there would be a kid sitting somewhere amongst the rubble too!!!!

  2. Robert says:

    O dear!
    I feel like the rabbit In’ Alice in Wonderland’.
    I’ve never blogged before, maybe I don’t find the verb ‘Blog” as stimulating as i should.
    I am now a potential blogger, you are the bloggee and what we read is ‘blogess’. Won’t touch gender!
    Mmm ‘Abstract art’ I wanted to import my comment, can’t!
    So, ‘its a big subject. You have covered a great area.
    It is also extremely subjective. I find to create is to take a trip, your mode of transport depends on the materials you have, the end result may not be what you wanted, but the process was interesting.
    Putting it out in public is traumatic as if it is scoffed at you feel degraded, if it is lauded you feel fantastic, but some how the work is degraded.
    I enjoy the intellectual and social journey, even if that means you leave past friends behind.
    Got To go, got to go, Goodness look at the time.
    And with that the white rabbit scuttled off.

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