Thanks Alphainventions!


Two days ago I had my 10,000th hit since creating this blog on October 2 last year. The majority of my hits have come courtesy of and for this I am truly grateful. What a wonderful service!

Today’s photo is of a coloured pencil drawing I did looking towards my neighbours Tim and Julie’s place.

I am off to Sydney this afternoon for 10 days “off the island”, and my next post will be on March 21.



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2 Responses to Thanks Alphainventions!

  1. Deborah says:

    Hi Richard- I thought that was a photo! As usual, your work is more complex the longer I look at it. What’s the size? It’s really beautiful.

  2. Phil Davis says:

    Hi Richard, I also thought , at first glance that this was a photo. I think it is amazing, the light is brilliant, I wish I could get the same effects with CP.
    All the best , Phil.

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