ST PATRICK'S RIVER“St. Patrick’s River”, coloured pencil on Canson paper.

Most artists don’t think of obtaining sponsors for their art. I’m not referring to art patrons, but support from the commercial world to help you with your work in some way.

About 30 years ago, an art group that I belonged to gained the support from a local car dealer for a series of exhibitions. This was an excellent arrangement and resulted in good sales. The Launceston Art Society, of which I am a member, enlisted the support of a number of local businesses for their centenary exhibition in 1988, again with much success. During the past two years the Society has forged an excellent relationship between it, a local council and a major business that has seen an important and prized art award established.

One other group that I once belonged to even held an exhibition in a butcher’s shop!

Of course such sponsorship cannot be a one-way arrangement. Something has to be given in return. The latter award has realised 5 prizes from local businesses, a substantial major award from the main sponsor, and in return the Society conducts a series of art classes with local schools. This is a win – win situation!

I recently gained the support of a local bakery and a café for my “Bread” exhibition. It took some work to organise, but it worked and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I made sure that both my sponsors were mentioned (advertised) when and wherever possible. I was given an excellent write-up and two photos in the local newspaper.

Sponsors can also support you by buying some of your work. It shouldn’t be expected but if you offer them the opportunity, you may be rewarded!

If you’re about to develop a theme that is the subject for a forthcoming exhibition, why not try to get the interest of a business that is associated with your art in some way and obtain some sponsorship?


Tomorrow: Are coloured pencils over-rated?

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