A view of part of my studio showing my drawing table.

Every artist should have a studio! That’s great in theory, but it’s not always the case for every artist. For those who are able to have “their own space”, it provides the perfect opportunity to “do your thing”.

“Studios” can be a room, a shed, attic, basement, even “part” of a room. Not everyone has the space available to set up their equipment and leave it ready to be used at any time.

For each artist their own studio is vital as it provides the space and atmosphere to think and create. Once you enter your studio you are in your own world, you are detached from the outside world. Artists need to have the right environment to work in.

What do you have? Are you happy with your working environment? What is the perfect studio?

An artist’s studio can reveal so much about their personality as well as their work. I remember “wading” through one particular artist’s studio, trying to find the right area in which to take some promotional photographs. There was plenty to see, but it was everywhere!

I don’t think it’s such a great idea to have everything neatly arranged. Sure, you need a system, but one that suits you. We all work differently with different results. As a curator I get to visit many artists, often in their studio and I love not only seeing their work, but how they work. One of my friends, an excellent painter, has a downstairs studio facing East. The morning sun makes a magnificent entrance through the windows. How inspirational is that!

Whatever space you have it’s important that it works for you. In my younger days as a teacher (of Art) I had a variety of spaces in the various flats that I lived in, usually lounge rooms. When I got married I was able to have a room to work in. Today I have my own working, practical studio space that serves me well. This though isn’t “perfect”, but I make do.

Tomorrow I will talk about the first  “real” studio I had on the 1990s.



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