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On several occasions over the past three years I have noticed that some artists have not had a label or some written information on the backs of their paintings. I find this quite astonishing. When checking such paintings against a catalogue, I have at times struggled to ensure that it had the right title. Can you believe that! It’s either a case of artists forgetting or not being bothered.

Labelling your work is important and also adds to the professionalism of how you present your work.

I have designed  and printed my own labels and attach them with double-sided tape, usually to the centre-top of my paintings. My picture framer attaches his label directly below mine along the bottom. Such attention to detail is not only informative, but shows that you take pride and are serious about your work.

I am in the process of designing a valuation certificate to be attached to the back of my work to confirm its authenticity and value. I want whoever purchases one of my paintings to know they are getting value for money. My framer is also an art dealer and certainly knows his stuff!


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  1. Very interesting Richard…again. I must do this too in addition to invoices – particularly if I have my own first show and sell anything..! Thanks for the advice.

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