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As soon as you mention the word ‘advertising’, you mean money and finding such money to spend in this way is not always easy or appropriate. I have been saving for a new (Mac) Laptop that I will order next week. I’m buying it so I can write a book on coloured pencil drawing. I have experience in journalism, print design and production, and hope to do all the design and layout myself.

An opportunity arose to advertise in a local ‘Coffee Magazine’, a glossy production in which I was the only artist featured. I have enclosed a copy of my advert, which I designed myself. It was printed at 300dpi, not 72dpi as is the case with this Blog, and it came up a treat.

Such advertising is a gamble, but I thought I would try it and see if I get any response. The magazine has been out for two weeks, but as yet there have been no replies. At least I can claim the expense on my tax!

If you want to pay for advertising make sure it’s within your budget. Better still, when an opportunity for free advertising comes along, grab it!

I am supporting a local Foundation in a fund-raiser and as a ‘thankyou’ they are displaying some of my business cards and an A4 poster, a copy of which I have included below.


artkleko ADVERT


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