Yesterday’s image drew a response from Gabriela who saw ‘trees’ straight away. I did too, but as I responded, what would you see if you turned the image upside down?

When we look at any painting we immediately try and understand what it is about. We invariably look for images or objects that we know. The more information, the more chances we have of ‘making sense’ of the painting.

Today’s image is not about anything known, it’s about exploring the technique of painting using small pieces of mountboard. Maybe you can ‘see’ something…. a sky?, rain?, hillside?, even a rainbow? What I like about this image is its layers of shapes and the overall dynamic movement within the composition. Its greyscale content is complimented by the introduction of red which works extremely well.

What do you think?



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3 Responses to ABSTRACT ART CLASS 2.

  1. Haha! You mentioned me @_@

    I actually kind of see like a raging body of water and the red speckles are rain. Like, maybe the sea, where it gets really rough and rainy.
    BUT that curve in the middle and those steps on it, get me confused in regards with the raging body of water. SO, maybe it’s more some sort of street that was built right next to a beach and that day the sea is angry and it’s raining!

    I do abstracts sometimes and the purpose is to draw nothing and it’s relaxing and releasing, but the title of the abstract is related to what the abstract reminds me off in the figurative world. ^_^

    • artkleko says:

      I see your mind is actively involved in image processing Gabriela, well done! You may be interested in the other images that I will be posting throughout the week. I have an article on abstraction on Bloggersbase.com that may be of interest to you.

  2. All your entries have interested me so far! I mean, all your entries, since I started following ^__^

    I’d like to read that article, yes!
    Anyway you can link me to it or tell me how to look for it at Bloggerbase.com?

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