What do we ‘see’ in today’s image? Do we need to see anything? Is it a flower, a bird, a plane? It’s certainly not Superman!

This was simply an exercise in pushing paint around and see what happens. It’s an innocent ‘play’ that shouldn’t have a title or a label.


Here’s another example from the same artist. This may be more difficult to identify with, but in a way its abstraction makes you look more at the textures than the imagery. I like the dab of blue.

It’s hard to look at the surface and not the structure.

What say you?



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6 Responses to ABSTRACT ART CLASS 3.

  1. Ooh ooh!
    The first one, definitely a flower!
    I think daisies are the white ones, right? Like a daisy with an impressionist vibe or a daisy that’s moving and floating through the air!

    And the second one, mmmm, maybe some sort of landscape seen from above.

    • artkleko says:

      Maybe I should have turned the first one upside down! Good call!
      The second one has a landscape link as it was ‘influenced’ by a photograph of shadows over a rock.

  2. Yeah, maybe! XD

    Ah, of course! @ second one

    Did you scan these two? The paint on them seems so thick, like if you put them the painted side down, they wouldn’t be flat.

  3. I photographed them. The paint (acrylic) is quite thick. You can work quite quickly this way with the help of a hair dryer.

  4. You know what else the first one could be? A firework!

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