What do you make of this painting? This acrylic on canvas was completed after the workshop and I’m impressed with the composition. The tonal range is very pleasing to the eye. I’m not interested in what it represents, I just like the look of it.

This is a very good example of working to the shape of the camvas.


Who said finger painting is just for kids? The colours work  in this ‘play’ with paint and the structure of the composition works well. I saw this painting being created and noted how much the artist enjoyed the process.

Tomorrow I shall post two more examples to conclude this series on last Friday’s art class. I have new work to share with you and I am preparing a series of posts about religion and art which I hope to post next week.



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3 Responses to ABSTRACT ART CLASS 5.

  1. I really like that first one, too, it’s my favorite of both in this entry!

    It reminds me of those pink colored rocks that have a natural pattern on them and are really curious to look at.
    Except that in the case of that piece, I think more of a wall made up entirely of that type of rock.

    It really IS pleasing to the eye.

    • artkleko says:

      There is no doubting the value of rock patterns in art, Gabriela. I use a lot of them in my own abstract pieces. I have almost completed a large drawing that has taken several months on and off, and is it’s based on a very complex rock pattern that I came across while bushwalking. I will be interested in your response when I finally post the image.

  2. OH, and I also look forward to those religion and art posts!

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