Today’s images are the last in this series form last week’s painting class. Both are rich in texture and should be seen in portrait format.

The top image is is quite striking with a dominant use of white. Do you know where the idea for this painting came from? The structure of the composition makes you look from the bottom to the top.

EVA 01

This painting is another example of layered, rich textures and should be seen from the bottom to the top, similar to the first image. Although it looks as if the artist has used brush strokes I can assure you no brushes were present! The minimal use of rich colour against a greyscale palette works extremely well.

Tomorrow I shall post a new drawing that I finished earlier in the week.


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2 Responses to ABSTRACT ART CLASS 6.

  1. How is it determined wether the piece should be looked at from top to bottom or bottom to top?
    Is it because the colors guide the eyes into doing it by default or it’s the studious way of looking at them?

  2. I chose that way to look at both of the featured paintings because I believe it’s the right way to view them. It’s more to do with the balance of the composition, rather than what I ‘like’. Have a look at them from other angles and see what you think.

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