“River Stones”, 80 x 34cm. Prismacolor pencils on Canson Pastel Board.

WORK FOR SALE: $850 AUD unframed. Enquiries:

My latest drawing is now completed and I have made the decision to offer my work for sale over the internet. You will be able to purchase my work either unframed, or with a double mount. I have a Paypal account, a system for financial transactions that I trust. Postage rates on request and I can assure you that I will pack each drawing in a professional manner.

Today’s featured drawing is the third in a series that is an appreciation of the wonderful variation in size, colour, pattern and texture of rocks. They are a wonderful subject to draw, so much so that I want to produce a series of simple, single rock studies at some time in the future.

I particularly like the composition in today’s image. The subject is the feather, which seems to be quite alien to the rest of the objects in the drawing.



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2 Responses to LATEST DRAWING

  1. That is really beautiful.

    Looking at it almost makes me hear the rocks of rolling down a river, because of those rounded stones.

    You know what I’d like to see whenever? The process of the drawing, like a series of blog entries that have to do with how you make the drawing and different pictures of the drawing in it’s different stages. I think it would be CRAZY interesting!

    I envy your ability with colored pencils, it’s really beautiful.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gabriela, you are very kind. I have posted some of my drawings in their developmental stages. Check my older entries. I also have some on my website:
      I have commented on your one of your paintings on your blog.

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