TRINITY SERIES 1AI have commenced a new series of religious drawings that are about ‘structures’. Today’s featured work is related to the Holy Trinity. Yet to be titled, it features Trinitarian symbols and a comment on ‘new life’. I shall give more details when it is finished later in the week.

Communicating with the Gods

Every civilisation has a spiritual belief that spans a vast array of hopes, fears and expectations. Christianity is no different. Most ‘followers’ have at one time or another, engaged in building structures that soared heaven-wards or to the ‘homes’ of their particular gods. Christian churches are no different, especially cathedrals, which are often massive in proportion. Let’s face it, when you stand next to any huge building you can feel quite insignificant. Churches are seen as the ‘house of God’, although for many, this is unnecessary as that all is required is two people to gather in God’s name, anywhere, anytime.

Some church buildings are simply stunning in their design and content. Is this really necessary? I wonder what poor countries and starving people think about spending such huge amounts on such structures? Don’t get me wrong, I find such buildings very powerful faith-wise, but I do struggle with the lack of equality in society. Does the grander the building, mean the stronger the faith? I don’t think so.

Christianity’s ‘simplicity’ has no doubt been responsible for its decline in Australia in the past 40 years. People are now attracted to glamour, noise and ‘retail therapy’. Christianity is humble, caring, tolerant and sharing where everyone is considered equal. This certainly doesn’t rank Christianity above other religions; we can all learn from each other. There are ‘splinter groups’ who for what ever reason, have their own interpretation of the Bible and expected way of life for their members.

My Christian artwork is usually simple in design and often in definition, but not always. Depending on the intent of the drawing, I have at times, ‘hidden’ symbols to add further meaning or interpretation. Some symbols can be hard to define, but this makes for a more intriguing drawing.

I have an interest in ancient structures such as the various pyramids around the world, the Easter Island statues and the many ‘henges’, especially Stonehenge, on England’s Salisbury Plain. Versions of the latter appear in several of my drawings. Today’s post is yet another example. The idea of building a structure intrigues me, but what appeals to me most is their simplicity. Raw materials were gathered and used as a faith/belief symbol. None of them are of the “Tower of Babel’ dimensions, but they serve as a reminder that some-one or for some, something is responsible for the creation of all that is around us. Some are created to give thanks, others out of fear and respect. Have you ever thought that the houses we live in are symbols?


Tomorrow: Who are our Gods?


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