RESURRECTION LIGHT“Resurrection Light”, 40 x 60cm. Coloured Pencil on Canson Pastel Board.

FOR SALE: $520 AUD  Enquiries:

‘Resurrection’ or ‘Re-birth’ is the keystone of Christian faith. I have employed this theme on several occasions.

Today’s featured drawing is simple in content featuring a strong natural light source and a second light source, that of the Holy Spirit. The Trinitarian structure ‘houses’ a seemingly dead tree, but there is ‘new growth’ to be seen rising up in deviance of all that has perished around it. The stumps surrounding the structure in the shape of a triangle represent our failure to come to terms with looking after our planet, and indeed our own faith.

The dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit soars on high, as if to ‘guard’ the setting below. Check out the shadow from the central tree ‘stump’.

All may appear lost, but God through his son Jesus Christ, gives us (and our planet) a second chance.



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2 Responses to RELIGION & ART Part 6.

  1. I’m not big into using symbolism with a specific meaning, as you do, but the meaning that you’ve given this piece is really beautiful.

    And I also like that you’re tying in our responsibility with the planet and nature, because that’s something that we seem to forget and take for granted and only remember the part that God gave us the Earth only to take it over and not to also take care of it, because it’s our home.

    • artkleko says:

      I think there’s something to be said about our relationship with God and our planet. I agree with you Gabriela that we have been given this world to look after, but we’re not doing a good job at the moment!

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