GORGE ABSTRACT 04“Gorge Abstract 4.” 19 x 19cm Coloured pencil on Canson Pastel Board.

FOR SALE: $120 AUD  Enquiries: artkleko@bigpond.net.au

Today’s post features the fourth in a series of abstract drawings that have been inspired by Launceston’s Cataract Gorge. I have completed a fifth which I will post tomorrow. I am currently working on a larger abstract (60 x 40cm). I shall post an update on Wednesday.


As I have mentioned before, abstract art is not that popular sales-wise in Tasmania. There are no doubt a number of reasons why this is the case. I think the main one is that most people won’t buy artwork they cannot immediately identify (understand). Abstracts often require a lot of thought and pondering due to their non-representational nature. They can easily dominate a room as their content is so ‘alien’ to their surroundings.

My people however freely comment on abstract art when it appears on gallery walls, but rarely buy any. Abstracts are quite popular with gallery patrons, but they are happy to leave the artwork and their comments in the gallery as they leave!

By drawing abstracts in coloured pencil I wonder if I am mad, over-optimistic or just plain silly to think that people would want to buy them and actually hang them on their walls.

I suppose my first aim is to draw abstracts because I like to, and I really do enjoy working this way. My abstract work is often very laborious, but there are moments of freedom where I do want I want to do without worrying how accurate it is or how it looks or makes any visual sense. The only thing I need to worry about is the composition; is it balanced?

Maybe I need to find a broader art market, one that is more accepting of this kind of work.



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