I believe there is a reason for us being here on planet Earth. All that is around us cannot be an accident – it’s been planned.

Whatever/whoever is responsible has not created all that we know for nothing. I believe that God created everything and that there is another chapter ahead for us when we die. Many people believe that there is nothing instore for us outside our present existence.

I also believe that life is a game. We advance, we stop, we experience good and bad luck. We take chances, we create opportunities, we are actors.

The chess board has provided me with a number of drawings that deal with religious and environment issues. In this series of drawings I have been strongly influenced by Surrealism.

I never really took to the game of chess, but I acknowledge it as a true game of strategy. Its popularity and longevity speak volumes of its quality. My late father loved a to play chess; I never saw him beaten.

I use the chess board as a stage where each symbol/object is placed carefully and strategically.

CHECKMATE“Checkmate”, is still under construction and is about forestry issues in Tasmania. Originally, this was to be my 2009 Glover entry, but I had a better idea! When I get inspired, I intend to finish it.


More tomorrow


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2 Responses to THE GAME OF LIFE

  1. “Checkmate” looks beautiful, Richard, I can’t wait to see it finished!

    And agreed about life. It really is a game.

    • artkleko says:

      There’s a lot going on in this drawing Gabriela. Foreground: not just an ordinary game of chess! Middle distance: a comment on tree farming. Background: Nuclear explosions or forest burn-offs?
      I am waiting to be in the right frame of mind to finish the drawing.

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