The $64 Dollar Question

YOUR MOVE digital

I enjoy creating art on my IMac from time to time and I’ve included two examples today that were part of a group of images that were forerunners of my chess board series.

TOP: “The $64 Question”, asks what’s life all about? It’s taken from “The $64,000 Question” Quiz Show. The figures framing the composition depict Hell, while the inside is full of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ symbols. I also produced a similar composition in acrylics.

SECOND TOP: “Your Move”, is a game of noughts and crosses set against a background of choices, both good and bad. It’s your turn to make a move. Are you a ‘O‘ or a ‘X‘?



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4 Responses to PLAYING THE GAME

  1. WOW, these two are interesting! @_@

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gabriela, my computerized art is a lot brighter in colour than my pencil drawings. I have a good deal more on file. When I’m in the mood, I shall do some more!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great post, i really adore your blog, but i have some issue i dont know whether it is my side problem or on your website? some words from the submit on your weblog have charactor encoding issue, yes i use auto detecting, can u pls appear into this issue a bit?

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