UNCONTAINABLE“Uncontainable”,  30 x 40cm.

Coloured pencil on Canson Pastel Board

What IS in the box? I bet you’re asking yourself that right now! Curious? We always like to know what we are actually looking at, don’t we? If it’s packed, or wrapped we can’t tell what it is and we do want to know, don’t we?

Two Sundays ago the Revd. Chris Howard spoke of God as being uncontainable and used the Old Testament account  (2 Samuel 2:1-19)of David moving the ark, the ancient portable shrine that symbolized the presence and power of God, to Jerusalem. Chris spoke of the “uncontainable nature” of God. No-one can put Him in a container, He is everywhere (the ark contained the two stone tablets of the 10 commandments).

In today’s image the power of God is represented by a shaft of light that has “escaped” from the sealed box. Even in a desolate, barren world, God brings new life!



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3 Responses to WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

  1. I’m sorry for not using a more varied vocabulary, but I seldom have words for things like these. The meaning behind this piece is so beautiful.

  2. Thank you Gabriela. You don’t always need a lot of words to express an opinion, nor do you need a lot of detail in an art piece. Having an imagination is what art is all about.

  3. Stephanie Renshaw says:

    I’m relieved about the escape of the shaft of light. I always think that the Institutional Church tries to keep God in a box, even sits on it to keep the lid on as tight as possible. But nothing can contain God!

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