Two miniatures featuring scenes from Lake St. Clair National Park, Tasmania.

Each original is 10 x 15cm. Coloured pencil on Canson paper.

Last night saw the opening of the Launceston Art Society’s annual “Celebrating Life” exhibition in Launceston. I had the pleasure of announcing the winners of 7 prizes and gave an overview of the exhibition and comments on paintings that were indeed worthy of recognition.

As an art judge I feel it is important to give artists feedback and to also inform the viewing (buying) public. People should be told how judges make their decisions. I have been to too many such exhibitions where I have been left wondering why certain paintings were chosen and others seemingly ignored.

It was a wonderful night for all concerned and there were quite a few red stickers about!



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2 Responses to JUDGEMENT DAY

  1. Oh, your drawings are beautiful.I like shadows and I often find myself dreaming as I get caught in the play of light and shade. I am green with envy at your skill, pencils are not my friends at all. cheers kim

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you Kim for your kind words. I love working with coloured pencils because they are so responsive and not messy like some other mediums. I feel that they are the “underdog” in the art world, which has made me more determined than ever to see how far I can take them in my artwork. Regards, Richard

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