I’ve been painting today, the laundry that is. I love working with brushes and rollers, it makes a change from pencils!

After I had finished the ceiling and cleaned up I decided to do some drawing before afternoon coffee with my very own barista, my darling wife Val.

Today’s drawing is of a section of floodwater from the Cataract Gorge. Water is quite ‘tricky’ to draw, especially when it’s moving so rapidly. It’s important to get the ‘feel’ of the subject early in drawings that contain complicated areas of movement. It’s early days, but I wanted to show how I work on such drawings. I will continue to block-out the rest of the drawing and then start to build up the layers of colour. Being flood water  there’s a lot of white to put down and this is where a coloured drawing paper or board really comes into its own.

I shall work on it again over the next couple of days and I shall post updates when applicable.

Tomorrow I hope to take photos of some ‘pumpkin cutters’ in action. “What are you talking about?”, I hear you ask! All will be revealed in the “fullness of time”.



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