Loaves of bread, landscape objects, or maybe both?

The ABC screens a terrific program each Tuesday at 10pm. Artscape features Australian artists and deals with their beliefs and art in some depth. I was taken by the work and philosophy of Josh Yeldham in this week’s show. What impressed me more than anything was his confidence, self-belief and bravery in the way he approached and produced his art.

As artists, what are we really trying to say with our work? Is our work actually saying something? Is it merely imitation?

I’ve come to the conclusion lately that I must stop drawing objects for the sake of drawing them. A lot of my work has specific meaning, but not all.

I am currently developing a theme where I look at the relationship between objects and the context in which we see them.

Today’s photo of two loaves of bread is a good example. Do you see just bread, or is there a landscape element to the composition? If I added a sky, would you think differently about the image?

This type of thinking has inspired me to take up the challenge and see where I can go with my drawing.

What happens when a part of a landscape becomes a single object? Is it an object or still a landscape in itself?

Artists much continually challenge what they do. ‘Treading water’ is not good exercise for the body or the brain!



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