Shoreline, Lake St. Clair          80 x 60 cm

It’s true to say that coloured pencils are not overly suited to large scale drawings. Such big works take a tremendous amount of time and concentration. It’s no wonder that most CP artists work to a size that does not require several months of toil!

I actually don’t mind larger drawings. I need to be in the mood and must pace myself. One can’t finish a work of one square metre plus in one sitting. I allow a month or two with breaks to concentrate on smaller drawings. The change of scale keeps me ‘refreshed’. Large works enable you to add a lot of detail which makes for longer viewing by patrons. On the down side, such large works require sound technique, especially in the application of colour.

Framing large drawings often requires 3 mm glass which makes them extremely heavy. This is not good if you want to freight your work over a long distance. The cost of framing is another added financial burden.

If you want to draw large then produce work of the same size, this will give you the option of replacing work if not sold with new work in a “recycled” frame.

Although it seems that I have ‘painted’ a picture of gloom in regards to large drawings, I would not discourage anyone from working in a large scale. The sheer visual impact of larger drawings certainly makes the effort worthwhile!



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