S AND S 01

The early stages of my latest drawing, Sticks & Stones – 43 x 80 cm

My neck has been giving me problems of late so I decided that it was time to visit Paul, my chiropractor to see if he could help. I hadn’t visited him since 1994 when I had lower back problems. He was able to locate my problem and I left in much better shape than I was when I arrived. I will have a few more sessions, but it’s nice to know that I can move a lot better. I must admit that when I heard and felt a “crack” from my upper spine, followed by an even louder sound from my neck, I wondered if I was still attached!

I need to be more conscious how I sit at my drawing table from now on as well as my computer desk.

I have started a new drawing which is really basic, but is one that I felt that I needed to do. Sticks and stones sound fairly tame subjects, but I can assure you that the content of the drawing will (hopefully) disprove the title. I am keen to show that “everyday” scenes can be interesting if you look at them for long enough. My pumpkin series is unfinished but I’ll get back to that in due course.

Today I am teaching a painting class and we will be involved with hard-edge abstraction. I shall post some photos and comments from the class next week.


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