Displaying one’s art in cafes is very popular these days. I’m sure that many artists favour such venues because galleries are charging such high commissions and overall, it’s a lot cheaper to hang work and you don’t have to pay for an opening (although many cafes do have them).

Cafes are great social places where fine coffee, food and conversation come together in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. But this can work against the artists. Many patrons don’t look at the art on the walls, they look at each other! If the cafe is poorly lit, it detracts from each painting’s visual impact. Businesses open at night need to have individual lights on each painting as their impact will be lost. I have personal experience of  once having my work displayed in a poorly lit establishment.

The cafe featured in today’s photo is only open during the day and therefore the light is excellent for viewing the art on display. Sales have been grim for the past few months but at last things are on the improve and it’s nice to see the odd red sticker when it appears!

There is no doubt that galleries are the home of art displays, that’s their sole purpose and most do a brilliant job of supporting their artists.

A friend of mine is in the process of building a new gallery and is providing fresh coffee as an incentive for patrons to stay a little longer. Now there’s a good idea!

Tomorrow: An update of my latest drawing.


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