OIL PASTEL 4Today’s selection of oil pastel drawings are related to studies from Lake St. Clair in Tasmania’s highlands. The top drawing was in response to a graphic design assignment I did for the then manager of an accommodation complex that is situated at the southern end of Lake St. Clair.

As you can see, my work has become quite simplified and this continues throughout the other three examples featured.

And what about oil pastels?

In summary I am of the opinion that they are a wonderful medium to work with due to their quick response, bold colours and ease of application. They are a little messy to work with (watch your finger nails), but that shouldn’t be a deterrent. For anyone drawing “plein-air”, this is the medium for you, as long as your palette remains clean and fresh. For me, it’s not suited for such simplified work, there are other more suitable mediums out there to choose from.

Oil pastels are not just for kids. They are a sophisticated medium with enormous potential and deserve far greater recognition than they receive at present. One day I may return to them, who knows?

For me, it’s the idea first and the medium second.

The tail shouldn’t wag the dog!

Tomorrow: My latest drawing is finished.


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  1. Miguel says:

    beautiful abstract paintings, made with advanced drawing techniques

  2. I love that “the tail shouldn’t wag the dog” XD!!!

    And all those pieces look really good, Richard! My favorite is the second one with all the trees ❤

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gabriela, It was an interesting time working with oil pastels. I would like to try and produce the drawing you liked on my computer sometime. I think I would get a better result.
      Regards, Richard

  3. Gillian says:

    I love these. The style reminds me of early 20th century poster art – quite nostalgic and graphic. I’m liking your blog very much!

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