I have always used images from nature as the inspiration for my abstract work. I like something tangible to work from. I’m not that good with spontaneous artwork and I suppose it’s all about having control of what you do. I don’t consider myself a control freak, but I do like to understand what I’m doing.

Today’s images illustrate my approach. The bottom image is a rock pool that has been drawn in pastels. The top artwork is an acrylic painting of the same subject but with the minimum of detail.

I suppose one wouldn’t call it an abstract work, it’s more of a semi-abstract painting, especially when you compare it with the drawing below.

The secret of using natural subjects for such artwork is to know what detail to remove more than what to include. I try to simplify each image as much as possible without losing the integrity of my initial subject.

More examples tomorrow.



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2 Responses to ABSTRACTS FROM NATURE Part 1.

  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Used to live there Richard. Was wonderful when we first moved there – a very spiritual place, and I enjoyed some fantastic experiences there. However, it is spoilt now with all the upper class homes. One of my best friends lives there – Kim Loughran – I am sure you have heard of her. She is an artist, too, and was accepted for the Glover two years ago.

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