DRAWINGS ON BLACKIn the “early” days of my adventures with coloured pencils , I  drew on coloured papers, not white as most CP artists tend to favour. My reasons for this will be explained in a later post.

I went through a “black phase” in coloured pencils after working in chalky pastels for a number of years on black paper.

Today I have featured two brands of black paper; Canson being the first two, and Stonehenge the bottom pair. I found the Canson to be much more accepting of CP and its medium “tooth” was a pleasure to work on. I know some artists prefer the other side of the paper which is flat.

The  (black) Stonehenge paper felt brilliant as one laid down colour after colour, but oh dear it “ate” each colour to the point where I had to repeat colours several times over a period of many days to get the result I wanted. This paper is certainly not for me!

All coloured papers will subdue the colours that are laid upon them. The darker the colour, the greater the impact. So why use coloured papers? It’s all about the desired affect one wants. The Tasmanian landscape is temperate, certainly not tropical! Bright, loud colours aren’t a part of our landscape and as all my work relates to where I live, I need to be true to the colours that are around me.

You will notice a certain sharpness in some of the colours in the work featured. White, greys, ochres and some blues work extremely well. Yellows and greens struggle for recognition.

Today, I am careful to match the subject with the palette and the coloured surface before I start.

Tomorrow I will talk about my favourite “dark” coloured paper.


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