GROUP OF DRAWINGSCanson grey was a favourite coloured pencil paper for me, especially in the 1980s. I worked on the textured side and preferred the two darkest shades available.

You will notice that the work featured today is a lot sharper and more “graphic” than was posted on  my blog on Thursday.

I went through a period where my work was quite hard-edged, similar to my acrylic painting and Canson grey suited my style. This shade of paper was a lot kinder to the tones of my pencils than was the black paper I featured yesterday.

As with black paper, yellow, some greens and some blues did not take too well to the paper’s surface.

I still enjoy working on grey paper from time to time.

Tomorrow I will feature examples of my work on brown paper.


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3 Responses to CP ON GREY PAPER

  1. Gillian says:

    I am reading these posts with interest as I’m fairly new to CP work and am struggling still to find the ‘perfect’ support. Thank you for taking the trouble – I shall await further reports!

  2. Dors says:

    I am with Gillian.. Fairly new to CP. and I am finding these discussions very helpful.
    Thank you Richard.

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