GROUP OF 3Being an “earthy” colour, Canson brown works beautifully when drawing landscapes.

It suits my palette extremely well. “Why aren’t you using it today?”, I hear you say! Well, I have found something better and it is in the “brown” family. It takes time to work out which paper works best for your needs. I will add though, that I think CP artists should think of the palette they need for each drawing then select the surface that suits the required colours. The result is everything. What mood do you require? One needs to also think of the time of day and the resulting light and shadow. Certain papers and certain colours work best. Experimentation is the answer!

It has taken me about 20 years to find the right coloured papers/boards to work on. I’m still learning and I still like to try new papers.

Tomorrow I will look at smooth and textured white papers and discuss why I rarely use them these days.



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2 Responses to CP ON BROWN PAPER

  1. Gillian says:

    As well as your take on different papers I’m enjoying your work very much. I think it’s your loose style that I admire. I have to admit to struggling with the temptation to do photo-realism whilst my preference would be to do more impressionistic art. Somehow CPs seem to make me tight in my approach and I can’t seem to do anything else.
    You inspire me!

    • artkleko says:

      Cp is a “tight” medium Gillian because as children we are taught to colour in, not to paint with them. I try to draw like I paint – I often lay colours down side-by-side. The Impressionist painters are a good source of inspiration and their style is great for expression in coloured pencils.

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