GROUP OF 4I have decided to break my comments on working with white paper into two parts; textured and smooth. The reasons for this is that both surfaces a quite different and need individual respect.

Since I can remember I have worked on textured papers and it was only for a short time in the 1990s that I ventured into the world of smooth, white papers.

In my early days of drawing I just assumed that one drew on the textured surface. It made my drawings look more three dimensional and the “tooth” of the paper grabbed the pencil as one moved it across the paper’s surface, making it easier to control and a delight to work with.

A lot of my early drawings were in blacklead pencil on a heavy weight, rough-textured acid-free white paper. When I worked with coloured pencils on this paper I found my results very different from the coloured surfaces I was used to.

Firstly, my drawings became a lot “quieter” and secondly, I had trouble mixing white especially into skies. Today’s selection of Tasmanian landscapes to me, seem to be very “still”, there’s no wind blowing, all is settled, calm and peace reigns. I would not obtain this type of mood on coloured paper.

Tomorrow I will post some examples on smooth white paper. The results are very different and I will explain why these days, I rarely use white paper, smooth or textured.



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  1. Dors says:

    This is a very interesting subject Richard. I am looking forward to more on this subject.
    I too love the rough textured paper for graphite work. depending on what i am drawing of course.
    I have great trouble getting white highlights on white paper with CP’s as most papers are not pure white. I use Arches smooth watercolour paper 300gm mostly for CP work.
    I love buying different papers to try out.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Im just blown away by the vast amount of work you have done Mr K!!!!

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