TEST STRIPSOver the past few days I have discussed the various papers that I have worked on over the past 20 – odd years using coloured pencils. I haven’t tried them all. There are many more examples on the market to choose from. Living in Tasmania means I am isolated from the broader art material market. I read about all the lovely papers and boards available in England and the USA and would love to try some that are new to me.

Not to worry! I have a reasonably good choice here in Tasmania and my favourite is still Canson Pastel Board, colour 502, Havane Clair (pictured). I don’t mind the darker grey either. The reasons I use board is that it doesn’t tear or buckle (I tend to be a little aggressive at times with my shading), I do not have to tape it down to a drawing board, it accepts all the colours I use and it’s easy to transport. The board is not too difficult to cut either. The surface has a slight “tooth” which is excellent for the buttery Prismacolrs and some of the (not all)  Polychromos coloured pencils.

So there you have it! What’s your favourite Cp paper?

I have also used mountboard, but found it reduced the intensity of my pencils. I am though, hoping to get some samples from England to try.

Tommorrow I will begin a series on teaching Art.


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5 Responses to MY CHOICE OF CP PAPER

  1. Dors says:

    Richard… here is a site in the Uk…My father when he was alive got all his supplies from here . I have been to their factory. They are very helpfull and deliver worldwide.

    As I am fairly new to CP I am still testing the different papers and don’t as yet have a favourite. I am at present using Arches Watercolor paper 300gm. I go to the art shop and get some Canson Pastel Board to try out.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for the site Dors, I shall investigate it! I too, have used the same paper as you do and found it very good for oil pastel work. The pastel board I use is about, but not in a great range of colours. I have to order mine in packs of five, full sheets (80 x 120cm), but it works out to be far more economical this way.

  2. Dors says:

    Sorry didn’t attach the site…

    Just a senior moment… hehe

  3. Gillian says:

    Thanks for an informative series, Richard. I found that using pastel board eats up my pencils too quickly but I would like to try Ampersand Pastelbord – unfortunately not available here in the UK. (We have problems too).
    I’m currently trying Canson Montval 400gm, fine grain paper for Acrylics and I’m impressed with how it’s performing. It has a very subtle texture and a good tooth – it also takes a lot of abuse so maybe that’s something for you to try too. Quite sturdy too.
    I haven’t read of anyone else trying surfaces intended for acrylics but having found it at the back of my cupboard it just had to be tried!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gillian for the tip, I shall give the Montval paper a try. I find that not all colours are “eaten up” on the colour 502 pastel board that I use. It all depends on your colour palette. Earthy colours work well on earthy coloured paper/board.
      All the best with your art!

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