THE SOUTH ESK AT EVERCREECHThis pastel is one of a series I completed in 1987, and features a quiet moment on the South Esk River at Evercreech, in Tasmania’s Northeast highlands.

Teaching Adults

Since retiring from full-time teaching, I have  had the opportunity to teach adults and have thoroughly enjoyed my time “back in the classroom”.

The Launceston Art Society has engaged me for a series of workshops (about 4 a year), the latest being on the theme of abstraction. I have a final “instalment” on this theme on Friday, November 20. This makes for a total of 5 sessions and this will culminate in an exhibition later next month. I will post details of this event soon.

I approach teaching adults in a slightly different way to that of children. I make a point of working one-to-one with each participant and encourage them to explore what I want them to learn in their own way. I do not want them to imitate what I do. Yes, I show them what I do and how I think, but my workshops are more about personal realisation, not imitation.

Children need to be “let loose”, adults come with years of experience, inhibitions and ideas. All of these factors need to be recognised and respected, but at the same time challenges need to be offered to the participants. All of them want to be there and want to learn something new and hopefully find out something about themselves that they didn’t realise.

The reward (for me) is the visual evidence at the end of the day and the comments that reveal a grateful audience.



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  1. Dors says:

    How exciting and what a wonderful opportunity . Will this be your work being exhibited Richard… or the students you are teaching ?

    Looks like You really enjoy teaching .

    • artkleko says:

      Yes Dors, I do enjoy teaching, especially adults. The group I was referring to is a class of adults that I have been teaching for close on 2 years and 9 of whose work I will be curating at an exhibition opening in Launceston on November 26.

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