Early Morning Light near Mathinna 1980

Oil pastel on watercolour paper.

When is it time to stop drawing and tell yourself that your work is done, it’s finished, now let’s frame it!

It’s sometimes a very hard decision to make. The danger is that you can over-work a drawing and then it’s ruined! Some artists I know tear up their “failed” work, but I rarely do. I prefer to put it away in a drawer and forget about about it for several months. After looking at it again after a long break, one can (usually) judge if it’s got any redemptive qualities.

If you have clearly defined goals when you start, it’s not too difficult to know when your work is completed.

On the other hand, if your drawing is “developing” as it grows, knowing when to stop can be rather difficult. I am experiencing this with my Glover 2010 entry. I find that by leaving it alone for periods of time (sometimes 2 weeks) I can better gauge what needs to be done or left alone.

Some drawings just don’t work out, right? If you’re sick of what you are doing, then it’s time to stop, put it away and start something new and unrelated. Go back to your former work when you’re ready. You’ll know when and know what to do with it (but don’t trash it!).



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2 Responses to WHEN DO YOU STOP?

  1. Tanya Murray says:

    Good advice Richard, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see your Glover 2010 piece.

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