My studio window is my only source of natural light in my ‘bunker’ where I spend most of my days, far away from the madding crowd wrestling with my need to express myself. I have fluorescent lights that are excellent to draw by, but I appreciate the sun streaming in, or watching the rain tumble down. I have an aviary with over 60 budgerigars and my dog Benson, is wondering why I’m not outside enjoying the sun!

It’s Spring here in Tasmania and I have the vegetable garden laid out with seeds and plants, hoping for a harvest in the not-too-distant future. I have a lovely crop of broad beans that will be ready in about three weeks. You can see several plastic bags; they are protecting tomato, chilli and broccoli plants in case of frost as well as acting as mini hot houses during the day to encourage growth.

Meanwhile, inside my studio the journey continues.

I love my space and realise that not all artists are as fortunate as I am.

Such spaces are vital for creativity and for focussing on what you’re about as an artist. My studio is my domain, it’s not pretty, in fact it’s quite cluttered. But there’s lots to see and plenty for me to do. Most days I enter my ‘space’ with a firm idea on what is to be done. Some days though I enter without a plan, but eventually ideas come and I’m away!

Where do you work?


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4 Responses to MY STUDIO WINDOW

  1. Ignore my last comment…I double clicked your post and got just the photo!! Budgies eh? Lovely. We used to keep birds. My studio view is not publishable Richard…it looks out on my badly neglected garden so I dare not put a photo up.

  2. Dors says:

    Love the veggie garden Richard. and Benson looks great too. Wish I could show you where I work…but no provision here to upload an image. If you go to my Web you will see where I work.

    It’s great to have a studio. I love my space, where I create and learn.

    Just got back from a trip to the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountain.
    We have taken hundreds of photos. and it was all so spectacular.

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