BRADYS LOOKOUT 1979Today’s image is one of my earliest oil pastel drawings. Completed in 1979, it’s a view of Brady’s Lookout, near Launceston.

What medium suits you best? How have you arrived at deciding which is the most appropriate for you?

Making such a decision usually takes years of experimentation and discovery. I believe that the way you see things and your personality will influence what art medium(s) you work with. For artists to grow they must take risks from time to time. By constantly challenging ourselves we may find out things about ourselves that we never knew.

I was trained as a sculptor and a painter, yet I practise neither, why? I’m not sure, maybe it’s economics, space, or it’s just that drawing still holds appeal for me. That’s something for me to ponder.

I have experienced and exhibited sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, oil and chalk pastels, blacklead pencil and coloured pencil drawings as well as digital art and photography.

Over the next week I shall post some examples of my ‘activities’ from my past and outline some hopes for the future.


About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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