An example from my oil painting days: Robertson’s Marsh at Lake Sorell.

You may wonder why I have been showing  a variety of artwork lately. The reason is that I have become a coloured pencil artist as a result of working with a broad range of art mediums over the years. I needed to find which medium was most suited to my ideas, personality and the way I see things.

Looking back to my stint as painter in oils in the late 1970s and early 80s, I realise that I enjoyed the product more than the process. The opposite applies to my work in acrylics. I think the main reason was the (then) slow drying times that really didn’t suit me and that’s where acrylics appealed to me. I find working in acrylics very therapeutic , but the finish (look) of oils appeals to me more.



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One Response to FINDING THE RIGHT MEDIUM Part 2.

  1. Dors says:

    That’s interesting Richard. I started in oils in the 1990’s and love it. I used to love to get my fingers into the painting and mould it. LOL but it always took for ever to dry. I have never tried Acrylics . At the moment I am enjoying graphite and CP’s

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