Digital art covers a broad spectrum of computer-related imagery and later in the week I will offer some opinions on its definition and value (indeed place) in the world of art.

Today’s images are examples of my earliest attempts to use my ‘hands-on’ drawing skills on my computer.

I drew an outline of my chosen images on A1 paper and had it scanned by a commercial printing firm and reduced to A4-size which I scanned onto my computer. Later the company was able to scan my work to cd, making it a much less time consuming process.

Once scanned, I colour-filled my images in Photoshop. My earliest works contained outlines, but they disappeared in later work as you will note in the examples on my next two posts.

Today’s featured drawings feature rocks and logs and were my earliest comments on the state of our world from a physical and religious perspective.

More on digital art tomorrow.


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2 Responses to DIGITAL ART Part 1.

  1. Gillian says:

    I’m so enjoying your recent posts. I too enjoy digital art as well as the messier kind. Have you discovered ArtRage? It’s great fun and much cheaper than Painter.

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