The second phase of my drawing/digital art saw the removal of outlines. I prefer the clean look of colour on colour, something that is a strength of digital art.

All three of toady’s images feature a lake, one with water, the other two without.

The two dry lakes were the result of my interest in climate change and our inability to ‘harmonise’ with the land. Things haven’t changed since I completed these drawings, in fact they are getting worse.

The left-hand image is one of a series I did on loneliness/depression/religion. I will feature this image and the others I did in this series in a later post.

The more work I did, the more simple my compositions became. I was trying to say a lot with very little information. This was challenging but very rewarding work.

More tomorrow.


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3 Responses to DIGITAL ART Part 2.

  1. These are wonderful. I feel you have achieved what you sought to do.

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