GILLEM REIDA week ago I opened an exhibition of acrylic paintings by Southern Tasmanian artist Gillem Reid.

Gillem is my auntie and it’s wonderful having another artist in the family!

I have included a selection of the work on display.

Gillem’s work has a strong ‘French’ influence due to a trip to France sometime ago.

What really appeals to me is Gillem’s strong, personal interpretations of a variety of subjects. Some of her work has strong abstract qualities that include many geometrical shapes. Even in some of her figurative work, there are lovely, mysterious shapes that give her paintings different meanings when viewed from varying distances.

There’s a lot happening in these paintings; so much to see and take in. Gillem is not afraid to construct compositions with a flurry of brushstrokes and colour. The addition of black in any painting can be dangerous, but Gillem’s work accepts and thrives with this inclusion.

Gillem’s work isn’t too serious, in fact it’s a celebration of life as she sees it.

This collection of work is worth seeing and I’m sure patrons to Oliver’s Gallery in Launceston won’t be disappointed.

Tomorrow: More on digital art.


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2 Responses to GILLEM REID

  1. Gillian says:

    What stunning and lively work. I hope the exhibition goes well.

    When I was at school an art teacher once forbade our class to use black. I was incensed, even at that young age, that someone would think to instill such a blanket ruling on what should be free expression. Now every time I use black it gives me the greatest pleasure. LOL. Mind you, I agree, it can deaden artwork, and I prefer to create darks in CP work without using black.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks for your reply Gillian. Black can be dangerous in the wrong hands! Gillem has sold 3 so far, I hope she sells a few more as it is an excellent exhibition.

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