Window Art 2009 – Digital Image

Art and Photography  have never been closer than they are today and digital technology can take the credit. There are so many options available that art  is constantly changing and artists are changing (and growing) as well.

I can see so much potential for the artist who enjoys working with cameras and computers. Is there a market for such work? Will it stay the distance or fade as just a passing fad? There’s some potential here for more posts!

I love working with my Canon SLR and today have posted an image that started as a view through a bird-poo splattered pane of glass. Now that you know the subject, has your opinion changed?

I’m more interested in the abstract qualities of photos than its realism and I’m keen to do more in this area.


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5 Responses to DIGITAL ART Part 4.

  1. Dors says:

    OMG Richard.. Bird Poo ..Well it just proves that we can make art from just about anything. It is certainly very interesting and I think there could be a market for this type of art… I feel that the digital world will really take off…not sure where that leaves us.
    I have never gotten into digital art. My husband is the photographer and he is teaching me slowly how to take good photos.
    Nev has a new Nikon D90

    It takes me all my time to experiment with colorpencils 🙂

  2. jopila says:

    I love all kinds of art and I take photos about everyday and recently started playing with Photoshop Elements and I think I am addicted!
    I enjoyed your blog!
    (Even the bird poo!)


    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Barb,
      There’s more poo to come! I’m preparing a theme, probably digital, that explores our reactions towards artworks before and after we know their source.
      Regards, Richard

  3. Great piece Richard. I too look to manifest a more abstract approach to my digital art.

    • artkleko says:

      I am soon to have a series of single-edition prints released, Walter, that are quite abstract. I shall post some images when they are printed.
      Regards, Richard

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