On November 20, I am conducting my final workshop for the year with the Launceston Art Society. As I have held three workshops this year on abstract art I thought it would be appropriate to have an “accidental art” theme on this occasion. When I floated the idea with my last class they were very keen to participate. I have been busy collecting all manner of things and I’m really looking forward to the day.

It’s good (and necessary) from time to time to forego all the planning and preparation that we artists do and just “do it” without regards of the outcome. This is an event, a journey of discovery, a time for enjoyment and a chance to release a side of you that may have been “hibernating”. We always want results don’t we? We love control! Why? Because we don’t like to “fail”, we want every painting to work. Sometimes we get impatient and expect results every time, but this doesn’t happen in the “real world”. Careful planning and preparation does not always guarantee success.

Accidental art can work if we know when to stop and celebrate it for its own sake and not feel guilty about its creation from “nothing”. Never start such art with a selling price in mind, this is all about you!

I expect results from every member of my class (no pressure) and I look forward to posting some examples from the workshop.

Have you tried some accidental art lately?


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4 Responses to ACCIDENTAL ART

  1. jopila says:

    Looking forward to seeing what you and the students come up with!

    Every time I take a photo without my reading glasses , I consider it accidental art! Even more accidental when I take random photos out the window when I am driving….

  2. Nice site design and good information. Thanks, looking forward to your feed updates…

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