Within a week or two I will be displaying some of my ‘bread’ art at Banjo’s Bakery, Kings Meadows. I approached Roger the owner, last week and asked him if I could hang some work in his bakery/café. He actually operates two only 200 metres apart, but this particular retail outlet has an excellent wall which will be fitted with a series of hooks that will enable me to hang 6 drawings.

Am I a glutton for punishment or what!

My first exhibition of ‘bread’ drawings failed to realise a sale, but I thought it best to get the work out of my studio and into the public domain. At least I have paid for my framing and Roger isn’t charging me any commission.

I am presently working on new ‘Bread’ ideas and hope to complete some more drawings in case I sell some of my existing work.

Today’s featured image is a collection of some of the work that I intend to display. There are more that will be featured later on this blog along with an exhibition update.

Why a bakery, not a gallery?

The art market in Tasmania is very limited due to our isolation from mainland Australia and the size of our population, so I thought it best to take my art to ‘the people’.  At the least, I am getting my name out into the public arena. In this case it’s a busy café. There’s also the added bonus of people sitting down for enough time to see the work. Many patrons are ‘locals’ and return often for a coffee, so there might be the chance of a sale. With Christmas coming up and a lot more people out and about, it’s a good time to advertise one’s wares. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I’ve experienced enough setbacks in my art journey, but the thought of another retail failure doesn’t daunt me. At the least, I am getting my name out into the public arena. I have already been called “The Bread Man”, but I’m not sure if that’s a positive or a negative title; time will tell.

So the struggle and the journey continue …



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2 Responses to RETAIL THERAPY

  1. Dors says:

    LOL you are probably a gluten for punishment but I wish you all the best. I hope you have many sales. Where better to hang Bread…. The cutomers byuing bread will not be able to resist buying… They will be the talking point of many kitchens.

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