Careful, it’s a Trap! –  coloured pencil on pastel board

My liking for Surrealism came to the fore in today’s featured drawing. I hope it won’t put people off eating bread!

My Bread theme has realised  surreal, humorous and religious drawings. I won’t show all three together as my religious work requires a dignified response. The exception to this is the book I am planning on my Bread drawings. I have yet to finalise the book’s layout but it is interesting to sit back and look at this theme that  I have been involved with on and off for the past twelve months.

Oh well, back to some bread work!


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2 Responses to BREAD TRAP

  1. Dors says:

    I don’t know how you think them up Richard. Love it. and love the tiny slice of bread set on the trap. Looking forward to seeing the other 2.
    I will be sure to give a dignified response to your religious one 🙂

    The bread looks so realistic. good enough to eat LOL I pass on the metal mouse trap though…would be hard to digest.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Dors, I have quite a list that I have been working on for about 12 months, a lot are humorous, while some are serious. There is a lot of potential with this theme.
      As for the trap; if people can eat cars, why not a humble rat trap?

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