During September I photographed the church candle at Trinity Uniting Church in Launceston. I took about 70 images and they are now filed on my IMac. Why would I do this, especially when at this point in time, I’m not interested in candles as a theme/subject for my art?

Well, it’s all about the gathering and recording of possible ideas. You need to record objects, ideas and anything interesting, when you can and where you can. Never miss an opportunity to add to your list of ‘possibilities’. Ideas rarely come out of thin air, well for me anyway. I collect objects and take 100s of photos each month on anything and everything that I think may prove useful to me one day.

Take today’s featured images as an example. I want to draw something that features candles, but not at the moment, I have other ideas to pursue. When I’m ready for a ‘candle’ drawing, I shall have plenty of information at my disposal.

I am presently on the fourth drawing in my ‘Mug’ series. None of the 4 are related in concept except for the fact that I have used the same mug for each drawing.The real challenge for me has been making sure that each drawing is radically different from each other. I could not have done this without gathering a broad range of images and objects.

The key to variation in one’s art is in the research and preparation one does.

All of us have the potential to be hunters and gatherers!


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