This drawing was commissioned to celebrate Andy and Christine’s 25th wedding anniversary. I was given a lot of freedom with the only stipulations being that it was to be a beach scene and that four shells of significance to the couple be included.

Baker’s Beach, was recommended by the couple, and I took a trip there, but I felt that the beach didn’t have enough ‘emotional’ appeal, so I visited Beer Barrel Beach, near St. Helens on Tasmania’s Northeast Coast which had the ‘right’ setting for the drawing.

The drawing is read in horizontal layers from back to front.

I wanted the background to be hazy, but friendly. This is the time when the couple met; warm, fuzzy times, getting to know one another.

The middle distance represents the trials and tribulations that most couples experience in their journey together. There’s a lot of passion and energy here with an underlying feeling of love. The water is warm, friendly and energetic.

The rocks aren’t jagged and sharp, more rounded and blunted. I avoided using grey as I wanted the rocks to be seen as obstacles that were overcome and not seen as being obstructive and depressing.

The foreground is calm and inviting. The four shells sit quietly with one partly submerged as it looks back to where this journey all began.

The warm sand at the front waits for the next stage of Andy and Christine’s journey together.



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  1. Dors says:

    I can see the story now Richard as you unfold it. It’s beautiful and I think you put your heart and sole into this.
    I can just imagine how happy Andy and Christine are with this painting.

    It really is stunning work.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Dors. I did enjoy this drawing, mainly because it took me ‘away’ from what I had been focussing on for such a long time. Changes are good for artists as they can create more possibilities for their own work.

  2. Margaret says:

    That’s what I call an Artist’s Statement! Richard they must be delighted with your work! I must add though, I have been quite emotional at Baker’s Beach!!

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