What a great day was had by all at last Friday’s Art Class! This was the last in a series of 5 workshops I conducted on abstract art. We’d had up to 16 participants, but this workshop only realised 6. What a time we had!

We explored abstraction with all sorts of art materials. Spray paint, acrylics, chalks, oil pastels, inks, pencils, felt pens and all manner of stencil materials were combined in a creative frenzy.

The idea was to ‘play’ with spray cans, then decide which of the paintings were capable of being resolved as finished pieces of art.

The first stage was quite subconscious, the second, conscious.

The 4 images featured today are all quite fascinating in their composition.

We had a limited colour palette, but that didn’t stop anyone from producing finished, meaningful work.

More tomorrow!


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  1. Evelyn Antonysen (Muir) says:

    Love these Richard. I will have to try to get to your next class. I love experiment and play in art… teaching kids reinforces that I think… also my experimental approach (science???) I never tire of trying different materials/ styles/subjects.

  2. Hi Richard. I am back home now so catching up on a bit of blogging and posting. Posted up my art class photos which was fun while it lasted. Considering I lost my father in the middle of it, it went rather well. Hope you’re keeping well.

  3. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Richard, do you do workshops, as distinct from art classes? By the way, Richard K strikes again – another winner at Ulverstone. Congratulations again.

  4. Dors says:

    Great abstracts… I am starting to really get interested in these.

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