It’s great watching how people work, especially when tackling a form of art that requires a deal of physical dexterity. It was overcast last Friday, with wind and dark clouds promising rain, although it was quite mild. We are experiencing some weird weather in Tasmania as is a lot of the Australian mainland. Lately our temperatures have varied from 32c to 16c, dry spells, wet spells, windy days and calm days. Global warming is alive and well here!

Last Friday’s class was divided into 4 sessions. Session 1. involved spray painting with stencils, all before 10.45 when we stopped for morning tea. Session 2. saw participants develop at least one painting to its completion. Lunch at 12.45. Session 3. was for the creation of a single major work. Some of these were on canvas. Afternoon tea at 3.00. A discussion about the day’s work then followed. Some were too exhausted to continue painting while others chose to keep going until we finished at 4.15.

It was a great day; a day of personal discovery for all the participants. That’s what art is all about!

Tomorrow: Some ‘serious’ art from the class.


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  1. Dors says:

    This all looks very interesting. They are a wonderful..the last one seems to draw my attention the most.

    Sounds like a wonderful day.

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